Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It was just another typical run-of-the-mill day on radio.. y'know what it's like.. gabbing up greets off the Connection, talking to the minions, granting requests, makin' kids' days, cheering up flak-happy high schoolers under siege with quizzes, tests, projects, exams and whatever their teachers can throw at them, including the faculty lounge sink.. and the hot n' cold water dispenser..

But when 7pm clocks in, I'm outta there faster than you can say hypocritical bitch.. I suddenly remembered we had a Rockit Launcher happening that very evening.. at first I thought it was at Metrowalk in Ortigas.. naahh, too far, I thought, but then I realized it was at Metrobar, which used to be known as Kampo, right along West Ave.! JB's earlier live feed took care of that.. a few days earlier, I got a text from my Godchild, Nikka, who's like most teenage high school girls you know.. wild about the flavor-of-the-moment band.. sometime before Summer '06, she was totally nuts about Sponge Cola.. now it was this upstart Pogi Rock band Callalily.. okay fine.. she was asking me how much their t-shirt was and if I could get her one.. so kicked off my journey to Metrobar, in search of a fabled Callalily t-shirt for my inaanak.. simple enough, as the venue was on my way home, in fact it's so near, I can see my house from Metrobar hehe..

The place was packed. But I still got to park decently close to the place. Walking in, I bump into a phalanx of Sony BMG Adprom peeps and lo and behold, they hand me a t-shirt.. mission accomplished so soon, I say.. ooh but wait, I get some stubs shoved into my grubby paws.. oooh a meal and drink stub hehe.. I get directed to a side table where my Campus compatriots John Hendrix and JB hold court.. some pleasantries with some Aircheckers and I'm just in time for the start of Callalily's set..

These guys must be military freaks.. their use of footage from the hit HBO series Band Of Brothers was very evident (at least to me).. the band even posed on some vintage warplanes, possibly those found on Basa Airbase in Pampanga, if they're still there.. even their onstage attire borders on the olive drab variety.. barely outta High School and not quite passable for drinks at the bar, Callalily just go through the motions as the predominantly young female crowd laps it all up.. some uniformed fans obviously came straight from school, while others even brought their dazed and confused Moms and/or Dads, puzzled beyond doubt. As for their songs, well don't ask me..I was outta there before mid-set, heading for the door and out into the muggy night towards home.

I was just there for the t-shirt, dude.


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