Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cool book! God Made Easy

Browsing through the extensive Fully Booked High Street branch, where time stands still, I happened upon a way cool book, which I feel is worth anyone's and everyone's while. We've all prolly been iffy about dogma at one time or another, but this little book takes the cake.
Poring through the sparse number of pages gives you the impression that it's a kids' book; Nay. Well, close. This here's for kids of all persuasions, of all walks of life, religious or otherwise; all-encompassing, in so many words.

It's the down n' dirty (obvious) facts about the One and Only "independent contractor" (love that term), as author Patrice Karst so eloquently declares. A pleasant read through and through. Dare I say it's a perfect stocking stuffer, or a thoughtful all-year-round gift for all seasons. Goes down easy, and leaves a good taste in your mouth and a warm feeling in the heart.


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