Wednesday, October 04, 2006

TOMASINOS Reprazent!

Went to College there.
Had visions of a degree in Music, but ended up in CAFA.
Took up Fine Arts but ended up a DJ.
Made a lotta friends there.. lifelong friends, as it turns out.
My metalhead classmates got me into a heavy metal band.
Then I met my good friend and compadre Boyet there.
If it weren't for Boyet, I never would be in Betrayed.
First we were into chong, but he introed me to the joys of Punk.
Met a lotta girls here, too.. lifelong friends, as it turns out.
Some were cool.. others were uncouth..
Met my wife-to-be and didn't even know it.. at the time.
In retrospect, I only went because of the people, and not the education.
I learned more from them than the school could teach me.. or so I thought.
Took ROTC as an MP fair and square.
Sketched the Arch of the Century in Freehand Drawing once.
School was a blur.. my mind was somewhere else..
I eventually dropped out.. education was getting in the way of my music.
Spinning nights and studying by day was not my cup of tea.. aside from its impossibility. But there were lessons to be learned.
Some of my brightest and darkest memories were from here.
I've toyed with the idea of going back to school.. to finish, at least.
A DJ enrolled in a Mass Com College course. Great, huh?
Achievements in reverse, if the opportunity ever arose..
But like I said.. it was merely a meeting place for friends.
And no matter how much pleasure and pain those memories bring..
I'm proud to say I went to that school.
Now they've gone and clinched the 69th UAAP Men's Basketball tilt by
beating the stuffing and the bejesus out of the Blue Eggl.. err, I mean Eagles..
And to think my UP friends used to call me a Useless Student of Tomorrow..
I say to you, up yours.


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