Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Best Ground (Re-post)

Browsing through my blog on, a comment on an entry led me to DisKorner, a site by djron81. Here's his entry about Campus 99.5. You can check out his blog at

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Best Ground

I've been away from Manila for almost a year now. I only found out about the BIG change of 99.5 RT the other night! I am so glad that Campus is now residing at that frequency. I could still remember when I was still in Makati, I was going home from an 8hr shift when I heard a DJ talking in a very lame way mentioning the 97.1 frequency!


I al
most fell off my chair 'cos I couldn't believe my ears! Campus Radio 97.1 talking like Kadyot Lang? I was so disappointed and felt sad for the jocks, I know how it feels like being taken away from what you love doing. I had that experience back in 2005, a siavu manager (selfish, insecure, and very unprofessional) took me out of the booth at the middle of my show and gave me the paper that I had to sign to then never gave me a chance to say goodbye to my three good years of adored audience.

Don't get me wrong.. I've never done any crime!

People were asking where I went, they were telling them that I had to leave due to some reasons! He should have given me the damn thing after my show! Is it fair to lie to your audience? Do you get what I mean? Anyway.. moving on...

This new frequency for a renowned station like Campus is the best news that I heard! In fact I was just talking to BigZ on their YM (campusfm995) and now I am listening to Triggerman who's playing La Isla Bonita!

Whew! This is overwhelming and mind-blowing!

Oh I miss being on air! I'll try to buy a sand paper tomorrow 'cos I'm rusty! LoL

So guys don't forget, it's now
Ninety-Nine Point Five
Campus FM!

6330995 or 7060940 Call Now!

You can also listen online!

Thanks to JimmyJam for this logo.

This blog is paid by Campus... Not!


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