Tuesday, April 15, 2008

THE Campus 99.5 Logo

Need I say more?
Well, maybe just a few words.
Now that we've finalized Campus 99.5's official station logo.. expect it to be emblazoned on upcoming events posters.. foreign act concert posters.. movie premiere tickets.. heck, maybe even a billboard on EDSA, why not (just the logo, no faces please).. and of course, we can now have the regulation stickering campaign.. the tarpoulines.. the streamers.. the full-page glossy magazine ads.. newspaper ads.. of course, school event posters.. and let's not stop there.. merchandising products as well, such as coffee mugs.. pens.. pencils.. rulers.. heck, a tie-up with a major school supplies company would be great.. letterheads.. envelopes.. t-shirts.. sweatshirts.. jackets.. hoodies.. baseball caps.. beanies.. how 'bout custom-made electric guitars.. basses.. drum kits? Okay, the buck stops here.
I'm just glad we finally have a logo.
It's official.
The identity personified.


Blogger djron81 said...

Thanks for the logo!


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