Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rat Salad: The Classic Years 1969-1975 A no-BS book on BS!

I have vivid teen memories of listening to the Sab's sophomore classic Paranoid one evening at home, sprawled on the living room floor with side one on the old phonograph player, and getting goosebumps while listening to Electric Funeral. Enthralled, mesmerized, and confusingly frightened all at the same time, was I. I had to turn the record off for a moment, to catch my breath, and sanity haha!

As the years went by, I continued to enjoy the macabre metal of the fearsome English foursome Black Sabbath. The chilling death knells and rainy intro of Black Sabbath.
The intricate arrangements which I, at first, didn't quite understand, until I began covering the band in college, with like-minded metalhead college chums.

This here is a well-written song-by-song account of everything Sab.
It's astounding how Paul Wilkinson even names the various scales utilized by Iommi in certain songs. A feast for the eyes and ear of every Sab fan, this one especially.
This will definitely be my Christmas gift to myself.. if I can afford it.


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