Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Where did all the time go??

Like the batting of an eye, it's already November.
2016 is coming and going unlike anything.
The year is nearly done, and I'm still wondering wha'ppen??

Lots of trials.
Lots of tribulation.
Lots of difficulties.
I thought after I left school eons ago,
I was done with tests.

Apparently not.

They come at you out of nowhere,
much like undisciplined mushrooming
motorcyclists zooming on the road,
blindsiding you if you're unfocused and unaware.
It's a test.

Proving your mettle.
Checking for strength, for resolve.
It's always a test.
Unlike school, there is no passing score.
It's either you pass or fail.
But, one thing good about these tests.
Fail once, you can retake the test.
But, lessons should be taken away from this.
Unless you wanna be a repeater.

'16 is a helluva ride.
Still in motion, still not there yet.
It is still a solo flight, has been for quite some time now,
with flurries of events, both the good and the bad.
Leaving radio behind was a bit tough. A lengthy spell of funemployment,
with some helpful rackets sprouting about in the nick of time.
Then there were the painful gout bouts, rendering me nearly immobile.
A monobloc walker was a good friend for awhile.
On the up side, I shed a considerable amount of poundage.
I can't recall the last time I weighed 160 lbs. lol, which was, again,
both good and bad.
Good coz lotsa my old clothes fit again; bad, coz
after getting gainful employment, so was the lost poundage regained.
It's all good, though.
Again, we learn from all this.
I'm grateful for the experiences and the knowledge gained (so far) this year.
Never a dog too old to learn new tricks.
And as the sands of time empty down in a spiral in its perpetual hour glass,
you also learn the true ones from the fake.
The sweet from the bitter.
But, as they say..
the sweet is not as sweet, without the bitter.
Still, I am very grateful.
For really good friends. For the chance to share my God-given talents with others.
For the good Lord's blessings of not what I want, but what I need.
For life, itself.
I am grateful.
Truly, I am.