Friday, October 13, 2006

Lisa Ono: THIS is THE Christmas CD you should check out!

Seeing that all you yuppie working class stiffs are revelling on all this disposable faux-bossa nova fluff being shoved down your throat, or into your ears for that matter, by slyly savvy record companies looking for the quick buck, utilizing pretty eye candy songers (in lieu of true singers), methinks you should check out some REAL good Bossa Nova stuff, and not all this watered down cover version shit that's been making the rounds, pardon my French.

Those in the know with regards to Bossa Nova and its true and truly musical advocates know the name Lisa Ono all too well. Fine, so cover versions are all part and parcel of this breezy, breathtaking genre, it's been done for the most part of its existence. But what sets it apart from the one-shot, fly-by-night pa-Bossa pseudo-performers is their heart.. the soulfulness and the sincerity that validates their musical authenticity.

The coming Yuletide season will be for the better with this welcome addition to your collection. Without getting into the sordid details and the thesauric rhetorics, do check out Boas Festas by Lisa Ono.
Absolutely nothing to be sorry about here.


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