Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Owl has landed!

Or should I say.. woo-HOOT!

The "owl" has landed. And it landed in Mall Of Asia.Yup, Hooters Bar & Restaurant is now in Manila! The bonafide, true blue, original Hooters, that is. Before you begin drooling uncontrollably and go sliding to Pasay City over your own saliva, bear in mind that..
the Hooters Girls are Pinays, not busty blonde American girls. And unlike their caucasian counterparts, they are not, I repeat, NOT, as errr uhm, well endowed as you'd expect.
But hey, nevertheless, Pinays are the most beautiful girls in the
entire Southeast Asian Rim, so there! And don't forget, their press release sez they have the tastiest uhm, Buffalo wings that are just begging to be sample, and they also boast of the coldest beers (but hey, so are the ones at home..).
It's located along Restaurant Row at MoA's San Miguel By The Bay.
A Hooters Calendar and even a magazine are coming in 2009.

And what about that "other Hooters" along Macapagal Avenue?
Y'know, the one that got everyone falsely excited not too long ago..
the sports bar going by a similar name.. but using a Tarsier instead of
the trademark Owl in their logo.. Kaz Endo, managing director and partner
of Paradise Wings Llp., a Guam-based company that owns the Hooters
franchise for Guam and Asia, including the Philippines
"Hooters of America and the principles of that specific operation
are currently in a legal dispute over
trademark and concept infringment.
Now that's a hoot.


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