Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jimmy Jam rides again!

It was a long hard climb, but it was certainly worth it!
Reminds me of an old Aerosmith song, Back In The Saddle, and rightfully so.
The Big Bad Jam Man is definitely back in the saddle, riding the airwaves once again.
And though it's not a daily gig, it's definitely much better.
Come the month of February, I shall begin working fulltime for the Rajah Broadcasting Corporation, also known as DZRJ-FM, better known as RJ 100.
I started small with the company, back in the tailend of August 2008, as a weekend DJ
for RJ Underground Radio 105.9, playing Classic Rock.
Things began picking up when RJ hosted the Super Sessions concert at the end of October of that year, where I volunteered to do voice over announcing, pro bono, for the event.
A task that did not go unnoticed.
Word came down that an opening at RJFM was available, and was asked if I was interested.
Was I.
With the new year came new opportunities.
What I thought would merely be a daily radio grind turned into a bigger and better opportunity.
So in a few days, February 1 to be exact, I shall commence responsibilities as RJ 100's new Program Director, coupled with pinch-hitting DJ duties, whenever any of the regular RJ jocks aren't around. Plus, my own weekend shows on Saturday and Sunday, whose schedule to be announced. Let's not forget my usual Sunday show over RJ Underground Radio 105.9, which I shall still be hosting in the evening.
Things couldn't get any better. Or can they?
Of course they can. I will be looking forward to it.
All told, it's a pretty good start for 2009.
I'm looking forward to be working for RJ, alongside such stellar company, like Station Manager and overall nice guy Ronnie De Asis, and of course, the Main Man, Ramon "RJ" Jacinto.
It's a privelege.. and an honor.
Mostly, I give thanks to the good Lord above, for once again, giving me a chance to share my talent with many people.


Blogger ronx said...

I immediately looked up this page when I suddenly heard an oh-so-familiar voice as I listened to RJ this Friday morning. Got surprised? No, I was shocked hehehe!

Congrats JimmyJam! Good luck and God bless! (Come to think of it, it's morning as if nothing happened) :)

6:52 AM  

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