Thursday, April 01, 2010


Slammed as "dinosaur rockers" by young guns, including one Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten ("..Mick Jagger white nigger.."), The Stones rolled on into the brink of the 70's with new guitarist Ronnie Wood, whose six-string talent merged perfectly with Keith Richards' own unique open-tuning-heavy stylings. This was the nadir of the Stones canon to date.

Playing their cards right, keeping with the times in a if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-them stance, with the disco-ish "Miss You," featuring harpist Sugar Blue, whom Jagger purportedly spotted busking for coins around Paris, impressed nonetheless, and swiftly having him session on the said track.

Nevertheless, Some Girls is not without its share of rockers, from the midtempo "When The Whip Comes Down," the steamrolling "Respectable" to the Keef-helmed "Before They Make Me Run," and even a nifty leftfield pedalsteel-powered C&W ditty (courtesy of new addition Woody) "Faraway Eyes," and a balance of ballads ("Beast Of Burden" and the title track) aplenty.
Even a regulation cover (Whitfield-Strong's "Just My Imagination"), and of course, the perfect album closer in "Shattered" that leaves the competition exactly as such.

Thrown in a die-cut album cover with an interchangeable inner sleeve
with Stones mugs made up as (some) girls, what more could you ask for?
It's never too late to catch up on what you missed out on the first time around back in the day in '78.


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