Thursday, April 01, 2010

Punk Icons

In retrospect, the late 70's music scene ran parallel with another world,
an alternate universe, as it were. While everyone was doin' a li'l dance,
makin' a li'l love and gettin' down tonight, a sort-of underground movement
of movers and shakers were rockin' and rollin' right under their coke-stained
noses.. and the Ramones were at the eye of this electrically-charged storm.

Many merely remember this fearsome foursome as the guys with the messy
long hair, leather jackets n' shades, torn jeans and sneakers and the loud guitars. They were half-right in remembering that, but they left out the most vital element of the buzzsaw equation.. the songs; the music.

Little does anyone realize Joey, Johnny, DeeDee and Marky set out to become what they thought as America's answer to the Bay City Rollers. On glue, probably. Looks like the boys got more than they bargained for. With genuine pop sense ("Glad To See You Go" and "Oh Oh I Love Her So") and crushing killzone instinct ("Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" and the Gabbalicious "Pinhead") even in their choice of covers (Joe Jones' "California Sun") the boys from the Bowery knew how to rock, in only two speeds: Fast.. and faster.
Uncompromising. Direct and in your face.
The way rock n' roll's supposed to be.
Gabba Gabba Hey!


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