Thursday, April 01, 2010

Icarus shrugged

Of the dime-a-dozen Fuzak releases flooding the already
bloated and constipated local Jazz Fusion market (no thanks
to Blackgold Records' incessant vinyl releases back in the day..
still no cd then..), only a handful uniquely stood out. Save for
the possibility of the shakuhachi of John Kaizan Neptune (remember
him?), Kittyhawk had a unique blend of fusion all its own.
If the track "Islands" rings a bell, then the band that took its name
from Orville and Wilbur brings us back to the more carefree yet
uncertain turn-of-the-century days of 1980. Other tracks, such as
"Chinese Fire Drill," "Wooed But Not Wed," and the obiquitous
"Aerial View" take us back to that good time.
Good news: the long-unavailable vinyl only Kittyhawk albums
are now available on CD (from as well as a download
($9.99). Let the good times roll.


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