Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tuloy Ang DLigaya!

Where there's a will, there's a way!
Pissed as fuck coz you can't find the *4!%^*%$^ing download button next to those
oh-so-downloadable files uploaded by **eherm** me..?
Here's some savvy info for seeders and leechers.. every shell has its crack, so here's one.

Here's another way of downloading the songs on a playlist.
You need to use The Mozilla Firefox browser and install an add-on called "Unplug"
You can get the add-on at:
You need to have your Mozilla Firefox open when installing the "Unplug" extension.
After installing "unplug", just click on the "unplug" icon on the Mozilla Firefox browser,
or right click on the page and click "unplug", or go to Tools, then click unplug.
It will show all the songs on the playlist, where you can download them individually.
If you dont have Mozilla Firefox browser yet, you can download it free at

Also, an uploading tip. You may have noticed Multiply has limited the number of files you can upload at one time to just four. Frustrated? Don't be.
Just upload four first, then save your folder as a draft.
Then post again, but instead of a new playlist, go back to your previous playlist,
and keep on adding files, ad infinitum/nauseaum, whichever comes first.
Happy now?


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