Thursday, March 20, 2008

My first working Lenten holiday

Holy Week is a sacred time for us Catholics.

Pasyal for the pasosyal. Fasting for the fastidious. Rest for the overworked.
Today was Bisita-Iglesia church visitations, which usually ends with
a tense race for vacant tables and elusive waiters at overcrowded restaurants for the
folks who hate to cook on Maundy Thursday. Me, I hate to cook, period.

This year marks my first working Holy Week. Usually, us broadcasters enjoy
a three-day Lenten break, resuming on-air duty on Easter Sunday. Not this year.
Today, I found myself at our future home studio, in an unusually deserted building,
rubbing elbows with the technical crew, bustling with console rewiring work, the upkeep of telephone lines and patches, the cleaning and maintainance of in-booth PCs and CPUs. And in the midst of all this activity is me, sitting in front of a monitor, putting together the playlist
for the eventual return of Campus Radio on Easter Sunday. And I'm not even halfway done yet.

Our said return being a Sunday, and Easter at that, it should be Retrojam.
But we're no longer calling it as such. If you've been prodiguously following my blog, you're aware that it's now called Campus Classic Weekend, and lasts for Saturday and Sundays.
Forty-eight full hours of the best of the Nineties. And I'm still not done populating a hard drive that's hardly ready to be driven. I need more, more, more. So it's work, work, work.

Coupled with that, I've voiced new stingers, a new Top Of The Hour plug, as well as a plug for Campus Classic Weekend, which Joe Spinner and I have been fleshing out. We called it a day earlier at around midnight, and shall resume chores on Black Saturday. We've also finished the OBB/CBB for our traffic update portion The Grid. We are also requesting's Hot Mama Maria to rejoin the new Campus Radio. I'm sure she'll be onboard come Monday.

We're also currently brainstorming the new Campus Radio logo, under the watchful auspices of John Hendrix. We'll soon be mapping out the content for the long-overdue Campus website, yes, replete with streaming audio, chat access, and bloated with upcoming events, the regulation Campus Radio Launch party, the Top 20 @ 12 countdown, videos and info, info, info the way you've come to expect from Campus Radio. Meanwhile, Jaybee is busy liasing with many local bands for voicings, while Braggy is err.. nowhere to be found. He now owes us an expensive dinner soon.

And the work doesn't stop there. This is only the beginning. We can hardly wait for everyone to hear what we've got in store, and when Easter Sunday comes around, this spells the end of our lengthy two-month vacation from radio and our return to the salt mines. It's work work work.. and it's great to be back!


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