Monday, March 17, 2008

Comeback playlist

As the initial on-air launch date for the all-new Campus Radio fast approaches, we, meaning John, Milo, Miguel, Brags, Jaybs and myself, have been meeting regularly regarding production concerns, assignments, decorum and of course, programming. Since we'll be returning to the airwaves on a Sunday, that spells only one thing.. recurrents. I'd divulge our true intentions for weekend programming, but that'd spoil it for everyone, so for now, that tidbit, for the meantime, shall suffice.

We've thought and re-thought of our initial day playlist, and it's shaping up to be a real heavy trip down memory lane. Big, gargantuan, monumentally humongous hits are the order of the day, goes without saying, from the fairly recurrent, (Maroon 5, TBS, MB20, PATD, Damien Rice) through the not-so-current (3EB, BSB, N'Sync), all the way to the Campus Radio classics (STP, 4NB, Nirvana, Pearl Jam). And let's not forget the OPMs (6CM, Pupil, M88, Eraserheads, Teeth to name a few).

Definitely a Welcome Back party you wouldn't want to miss.
If you think this is whupp-ass, wait til you hear the Current playlist.
Stay tuned.


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