Sunday, March 16, 2008

More than a comeback

In just a little over the period of a week, I shall be going back on-air.
Honestly speaking, I've got a lot of mixed feelings about it.
Excitement, yes. That lords it over the rest.
Tension? You bet.
It's been over two months since I've last sat in front of a microphone.
Not the longest I've spent away from DJing, but certainly the longest time
I've been unemployed. Or on vacation, rather.
So it's understandable why I'm getting a tad tense about going back on-air.
Though they say it's much like riding a bicycle, that you can never forget,
having been stunted and bobo-ized for nearly a year in the barangay makes it
not just a tense time, but anxiety-filled as well. It's been awhile since I've DJed
in English. Do I still know how to adlib in English?
We used to joke about it, us ex-barangay jocks; we had gotten so used to speaking
in the vernacular on-air, the hostings and such, we began wondering if we could still
hack it using the English language. Tension and anxiety aside, I'm sure it'll all come
back. I guess the time we've spent off-air is working as barangay detox. Masa rehab.
Masa isn't bad, y'know.
A lotta people listen and they enjoy it. I look up to those jocks at Masa stations
who can really pull it off. It's a feat. Take it from me.. us. We've been there, and believe
you me, it is a feat. Those who can pull it off, do because they're good at it.
But not everyone can pull it off.
Neither is it for everyone.
Myself included.
But through it all, we managed to adapt and survive.
We even managed to prove that we could pull it off, too.
Even if we really didn't like what we were doing, but had to, because we had no choice.
Now that's a feat.
In the end, it was sad, not so much because we were losing our jobs.
But because of the amount of time we had spent there.
Nineteen years is a pretty long time.
It went by so fast, just like that.
That's what saddened us the most.
It went by so fast.
Just like how we were dismissed.
Just like that.
But mixed in with the sadness, was a strange sense of relief.
Because I, we didn't have to deal with all that barangay shit anymore.
Ever again.
In retrospect, it was all just business, nothing personal.
Or was it?
I'd like to say it was both.
Long story, tell you about it sometime, maybe.
But like I've said before, why dwell on the past, when a bright future beckons.
If you really look at it, we gained more than we actually lost.
It was a blessing, really.
Had we not been fired, we wouldn't get the chance to come back.
As ourselves.
Doing what we loved.
Really loved.
And doing what we do best.
Being ourselves.
And we fervently look forward to that.
In just a little over a week, we'll be back in the game.
And if you look at this as well, this comeback sets a precedent.
It's not just a comeback.
It's a happy ending.
How often do you plummet to oblivion, and get the chance to rise above again?
Now that's a feat.
Which brings us to where we're at right now.
We've got a lot to prove, and the chance to prove it.
Excitement is high, and expectations is even higher.
But we're up to the task.
And we're not afraid of the work.
What's work, if you enjoy what you're doing..
it's gonna be fun.
A lot of fun.
I'm looking forward to it.
I'm on it.
I'm all over it.


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