Monday, March 17, 2008

Campus Classic Weekend

Here's a scoop for all who have been following Campus Radio's return to the airwaves.
As you all know, Easter Sunday is Resurrection Day for the new, improved (hmm sounds like a detergent hehe) Campus Radio. It being a Sunday, that'd usually mean it's Retro Jam day. But for uhm err, certain reasons, we will no longer be calling it as such. Our new weekend bent shall be called Campus Classic Weekend.

Campus Classic Weekend shall comprise not only Sunday, but Saturdays as well.
An entire weekend's worth of nothing but the biggest hits of the 90's onwards. Mind-boggling, to say the least. Patterned much after Campus Radio's original weekend thing The Great Music Jam, which, by the way, we initially wanted to call it, but again, didn't because of the same uhm err, reasons. (Hints galore here..)

With that said, Campus Radio's return is definitely shaping up to being even more eagerly anticipated come Easter Sunday. A great way to kick things off, if I should say so myself.
Check it out on March 23, as early as 6am.
John Hendrix is first at bat, so be there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i actually dreamt of campus radio (lol, call me a fanatic) but yah, i've been waiting for the return of it. could you already tell us what frequency it is on?

also, i'm wondering why retrojam is also on saturday. maybe we could still put the top 20 at 12 on a saturday as well? that's just my opinion..

can't wait for the return of big bad jam man!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Manny Pagsuyuin said...

Hi Mike!
Dreams are omens, or so some say.
As the entry stated, it will no longer be called "retrojam" due to the mentioned reasons, and it covers the entire weekend because we patterned it after lsfm's original oldies weekend show "the great music jam," which, as the entry also stated, we will not be using, for also the same mentioned reasons.
You'll figure it out come Easter.
Thanks for never losing hope.
Maybe it is true what they say, that you can't keep the good guys down.

11:06 PM  

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