Friday, June 20, 2008


Last night's Overdrive (that's the name of our, me and Piper's, show) was a bit extra special, coz we got dibs on Campus 99.5's ALL-NEW TEXTLINE woohoo! It was a flashback-y deja vu-ish affair, seeing that the #1 Hit Music Station in Metro Manila's brand spankin' new textline is err, not so new-sounding hehe..
Here's the syntax should you desire to contact us via text message..

RADIO CAMPUS your message

Send to: 2311 for Globe, Sun and TM subscribers
350 for Smart and Talk N' Text subscribers

Sounds family, doesn't it? Hehe.. text us up!


Blogger reyrefran said...

Nice to know that y'all have a textline once again...

BTW re: the textline looking familiar -- that's OK (maski ung pinag-iba lang eh ung CAMPUS na syntax imbis na GREET**FM) and such syntax is already being used by your sister station Max FM (syempre naman RADIO_MAX_message naman sila), one way to greet their first anniversary...

Kelan naman po ung website? :D

12:28 PM  

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