Saturday, January 31, 2009

NO WAVE! The new wave show that's not!

Something's cooking on RJ UNDERGROUND RADIO 105.9..
Ideas were thrown in, and a query from Mr. A, who handles RJUR's New Pinoy Rock N' Rhythm, became the catalyst to what is now 105.9's newest radio show.

It's a "new wave" show..
and then, it's not.

If you're expecting the typical,
run-of-the-mill, usual been-there-done-that chong fare,
then you're in for a surprise. Like it says, it's the "new wave" show that's not.
And it isn't.
Sort of.

Okay, so some of the bands do ring a bell; and some don't. Most of them won't.

And that's a good thing.
While other stations play the usual downtrodden "new wave" back-in-the-day hits for those desperately playing catch-up, and some even try to play the unusual, but end up sounding like the dj and five or six of his friends, the same ones who provided the music for his show, get it, NO WAVE offers music we're certain you haven't heard of before. If you have.. good for you. If you haven't, then that's what NO WAVE is all about.
We might play something from, say, The Cure.. but don't expect your typical "Just Like Heaven"s or like some who like to consider themselves "cutting edge," your "Play For Today"s coz there's more to an artist than just their hit singles.

Without getting into too much detail, it's best you just lend an ear to NO WAVE.
The roster of bands is endless, and so are the possibilities.
If you're sick and tired of hearing "new wave" and the label itself, then it's about time you listen to NO WAVE.

Catch it on the fly every Saturday night, 6PM.


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