Thursday, April 01, 2010

Love Still Flows

Great music was not limited to just genres of the "rock"-ier persuasion.
With an incessantly steady diet of "boses pusa" burnout Bee Gees hits, more than
we wanted to hear or muster, it's unsurprising that all bent and bowed yet again to
"Gibb-itis," swept away by Flowing Rivers.

Andy Gibb, the youngest Gibb sib, just wanted to be our everything, and actually succeeded; of course, with some regulation help from his falsetto bros.
Flowing Rivers may have been stamped Barry Gibb all over it, but in the vocals, as well as charm department, it was all Andy.

Andy scholars would contest this album's stature with its more successful
follow-up, Shadow Dancing, which I would, myself; but the writing's on the wall.
Flowing Rivers gets points for breakthrough, and (for Barry) songwriting cred.

And though Andy was untimely snatched away from our midst, who was all prepped to become the fourth Bee Gee, we've always got the music he left us, to cherish.

My favorite Flowing Rivers trivia bit happens to be.. during the album's recording sessions at Criteria Studios in Florida, the Eagles were recording in the next door studio, and Eagles axeman Joe Walsh happened to stick his head in, just to say hi.
Well, one thing led to another, and Walsh was asked if he'd like to lay a guitar solo on a song they were working on; which, of course, he did.

Check out the guitar break on "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" to hear ol' Joe's slinky slide work. Definitely one for the ages.


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