Sunday, January 27, 2008

Coming Soon: RECOIL - Pardon My Fantasy LP

It's been nearly two weeks since I joined the hippest, hottest club to date, the unemployed..
and I have yet to find a decent gig. To while away my time, in a semi-constructive sort of way, that also doubles as an excuse to get up from bed, a good friend of mine lent me his USB turntable, a really snazzy toy that I've hooked up to my PC and commenced on surreptitiously ripping volumes upon volumes of seemingly long lost vinyl lying around the house; I say long lost coz the last time I've heard some of these records, were twenty years or so ago. And with the advent of the compact disc, some of my vinyl have been lying dormant for over a decade now.
It is only now that I've unearthed them once again.
Recoil is just one of them.

Led by keyboardist extraordinaire Pat Coil, Recoil's short tenure as a band lasted for only two albums, this one Pardon My Fantasy a little known release and its even lesser known followup The Fantasy Continues. Gimme a minute and this upload will be in full effect.
This one's dedicated to the vinyl's original owner, Angelo "Kulot" Santos aka Bobot.
This one's for you, bro!


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