Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anader Aypod Apdate

This just in..
Songs: 9494
After clocking in 8+++ songs, I just kept on going
and before I knew it, I'm close to breaking the 10 large barrier.
In turn, I have isolated all uploaded CDs, leaving only a scant
100 or so titles left to upload.. so far.
A point to ponder, is that I refrain largely from ULing entire
albums (unless it's as good as Derek & The Dominoes'
Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
, Queen's 1978 opus Jazz,
The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd or Damien Rice's O),
so I might rip a couple off this CD, three off the next, and maybe
even just one from an entire album, or double albums, even.
It's amazing how something so sleek, so compact, can actually
contain countless hours worth of music, handpicked and personally
selected sonic masterpieces that you deemed worthy of inclusion on your iPod.
And the funny thing is, I'm STILL not done.


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