Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Campus Radio can't go back on-air (repost)

Recently read a piece here about why Campus Radio can't go back on-air.

It’s been a year since the tragic killing of the Campus Radio brand and it’s also been a year that Campus Radio are mourning on that loss. While fanatics of the popular Top 40 stations are still bannering the flags in petitioning the return of Campus Radio, yet another tragedy unfolded just this month.

Why Campus Radio Can't Go Back On Air The Campus Radio crew, which Mike Enriquez morphed into “masa radio puppets” when he flipped WLS into Hot AC, were summarily dismissed (refer to blog post by Atong Bomb formerly Jimmy Jam). Mike Enriquez who is eager to make it to the top of the ratings game was so badly disappointed with the seemingly unsatisfying number 4 spot. So he secretly assembled a team of provincial radio talents to replace the existing air staff. Now, even the only remains of Campus Radio were obliterated! Campus Radio is now history.

But not so fast! Just recently, Jimmy Jam and John Hendrix detonated separately two bombs. The bombs shattered the anxiety of Campus Radio about the fate of their petition (refer here to blog post at RadioJingles.co.nr). The debris caused by the detonation promises fans of the return of Campus Radio. What was left of the explosion were rubbles of excitement and anticipation for their long missed radio friend is coming back (refer to these posts)

“All systems go” is what John Hendrix assures anxious Campus Radio fans. But it seems however, that Campus Radio will have a hard time coming back on the air. Here are the probable reasons.

The Campus Radio brand is a GMA property. Unless GMA gives it up, the team behind the return of “Campus” will have to look for other station logo, which is of course risky assuming that they want the station to be identified as the same “Campus Radio”.

Too many pop stations. Currently there are three radio stations that run on CHR format, DWRX, DWTM and DWRT. Therefore, there will be plenty of them sharing the market. Not very profitable.

Although we can never really tell exactly how things will turn out, let’s just hope and pray for the best and of course for a sure-fire and very soon return of Campus Radio.

I'd love to respond to the numerous abovementioned queries and summations, but..
that would only spoil the surprise. What's left of it, that is.
They did get one thing right, though.
You can never really tell exactly how things will turn out.
Stay tuned.


Blogger reyrefran said...

Methinks that the person originally behind the post is a Devil's Advocate or someone who wanted to criticize the impending return of the campus...although you mentioned in another post (or John Hendrix's elsewhere) that y'all have been addressing the brand and logo as well as spiels that it might be different from the original Campus Radio with a little tweak though.

Oh, we'll still stay tuned and maintain the frequency. Hope the kinks gets ironed out to prove your critics wrong.

11:43 PM  
Blogger The Honorable Headmaster said...

GMA Network trashed the "Campus Radio" thing, and I see no reason for them to keep the whole thing to themselves.
Critics. Sure some Campus Radio listeners found peace in other CHR stations. Not me.
We shall prove the Campus Radio critics wrong.
Campus Radio will go back on air, and will be there to stay, right?

5:49 PM  
Blogger Radio said...


I'm posting here to thank Jimmy for recognizing and linking back my post at www.radiojingles.wordpress.com

I totally agree with Jimmy, at this point nothing is certain about the return of Campus Radio, only Jimmy and John know the goings on.

Id like to stress out with all due respect that I am not against the re-opening of Campus Radio. Pardon me for the post, however it was never my intention to demoralize, (i know i didn't) campus radio fans and those behind its comeback.

My only motive was to deliver the truths of what could hinder the success of campus radio's return. I do not underestimate the capability and the ingenuity of the Campus Radio crew. Nonetheless, you cannot discount these facts.

Campus Radio is no longer carried by GMA in Metro Manila, however in provinces where RGMA operates, the Campus Radio logo is still being used.

Despite these, Id like to commend the loyal followers of the Campus Radio brand and the former staff of the said station. For me, only a handful of people can effectively etch the brand of a product even during the years of its absence.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Campus Radio will return, the question is - should you allow these barriers to materialize my post "...Camous Radio Can't Gp Back on air"

11:35 AM  

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