Monday, February 18, 2008

Word Up

Being on vacation, I'm given to throwing ideas
around in my head about shows.
Radio shows, that is.
Possible radio shows,
as they're only pitch-worthy ideas at this point.
As we get closer and closer to our initial
Campus Radio broadcast date at our new home,
we, the re-energized Campus Air Force, have been
working individually on vital copy that consists of scripts..
for stingers and plugs, also for the abovementioned possible
radio shows. We've also been putting playlists together,
for both Current, as well as Recurrent music that you'll eventually hear on-air.

I've been toying with the idea for a radio show that plays
on a certain word and/or thought and the music pertaining to it.
I call it Word Up.
It's sixty minute radio show that focuses
on a certain idea every week.
A word, perhaps.
How about.. friend.
Words and music come into play,
as music that has the word friend,
or whose words pertain to friendship,
or a friend, will be featured. Songs like
the Beatles' With A Little Help From My Friends.
Or Mandy Moore's take of Can We Still Be Friends.
Or Odette Quesada's Friend Of Mine.
Something like that.
I'm just thinking aloud here.
But tell me what you think.


Blogger Headmaster Nitroblue said...

I wonder how the new station IDs would sound like...

7:57 PM  
Blogger reyrefran said...

Hi Sir Jimmy Jam,

That should be a good idea there and methinks that no other station must have toyed around with that idea. Go for it :D that way we could win over the other former Campus Radio loyals who have already found their enjoyment listening to ther stations after the format's departure a year ago...

3:59 AM  

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