Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day Two

Our first day, Easter Sunday, as 99.5 Campus FM was a mixture of feelings.
Anxiety.. (do I still have it?) a bit of Fear.. (how do you make this damn thing work??!!)
and of course, Excitement (an over-two-month hiatus will do that..). More than anything
else, it was unfamiliar wares, both hard and soft, that worried me. The rest quickly fell
into place. And though sitting in front of a microphone always feels like home, we aren't
quite settled into the new territory we find ourselves in. But given its present course and perhaps a short period of time, we will have made the new house we're in, a home.

Day Two was a new challenge altogether.
Current songs.
Remember that we'd been away for a year, away from the Mainstream Pop arena,
no thanks to the Bobo-nic Plague that was barangay hell-s.
Plus the fact that having been away, the local Radioscape
had been reshaped by other stations, minus us, so there weren't
any songs that we could call our own, thus sort of alienating us.
Hopefully, for the time being.
A smattering of ex-Campus Radio hits came to the rescue,
which aided in bringing that old sound back.
No biggie.
It's only been two days.
We've got a long way to go.
But we're certain of getting there.

Relieving a leather-jacketed Braggy a little before 4pm (that airconditioning is arctic),
I was faced with yet another dilemma. A short playlist and nothing much left to play.
To top it, an even shorter recurrent playlist, and an accidental replay of Nickelback's
"Far Away," previously played by Brags.
Mental note: more recurrents.
An issue which I am addressing as we speak.
My first few songs.. hmm, Linkin Park's Shadow Of The Day..
Matchbox Twenty's These Hard Times and some such.
Some minor flaws.. a few quick gaps (oops).. and boo-boo's during Dada's news
portions and miscues.. all part and parcel of the first few day blues.
We're getting our feet wet.
Getting all set for the Big Splash.
I'm on it.
I'm all over it.
So look out.


Blogger Dark Seraphoem said...

Hey man (because I know sir would be soooo awkward),

I've been somewhat of an avid listener to Campus Radio for the longest time. It had made part of my grade school life, my high school life, and my one year in college as well as a good number of my Sundays that much better.

Since I had to move to an institution beside an airport in Baguio last April 2006, however, I hardly heard of you.

Sad that on my first break in March 2007, I heard something, uh, jeep-standard"-ish."

Frankly, that break, I got pissed when I listened to the radio--apparently, a LOT had happened.

It's only now that I had gotten to research about it, and found out a LOT. Usually, I wouldn't trust Wikipedia, but I saw some boards and blogs, and confirmed some of the stuff it had indicated.

Sorry about what happened, but congrats to Campus FM (I have yet to find out why it can't maintain old trademark stuff...) for making it back.

I'm sorry about what had to happen to RT, though... Kind of hard (as well as hard to believe) that it had to come to a "one-or-the-other" situation, and that Hit FM kinda suddenly crashed after being so famous (my impression, after seeing all the print ads esp. the one on Robinson's Galleria). Nonetheless, I'm happy you're back.

I want to learn ALL that happened while I was gone. I got suspended from my institution, so I get to enjoy the radio again until October. I only got to hear Campus FM's second coming one week after Easter, though, by kismet because I was on my way out of the hospital on Eatser...

Anyway, I'm currently working on a post all about my appreciation for the radio, and Campus Radio's got a lot to do with it. Can I post some of your blog entries? And as a shout-out to Hot Mama Maria, keep up the good work.^_^

All that said (sorry if this is a very long comment), more power guys.

11:26 PM  

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