Sunday, March 23, 2008

Now it's 99.5 Campus FM (Re-post)

99.5 Campus FM is now on-air but the buzz is still building!
Here's a re-post of a blog entry from Ed Arevalo. Check out his blog here.
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It’s Easter Sunday in the Philippines now. But there’s another big thing happening now aside from the easter and the egg-hunting activities—the birth of the official school of pop and the no. 1 hit music station in Metro Manila, 99.5 Campus FM. Yes, it’s back!

99.5 Campus FM, the new and improved Campus radio according to Manny Pagsuyuin, has started airing this Sunday, March 23, after the Lenten break. It started with ‘Campus Classic Weekend’ where music lovers can indulge into the best hits of the 90’s and onwards every Saturdays and Sundays.

Loyal followers of the former Campus Radio has been looking forward to its comeback in the Radio land after it was replaced by ‘Barangay LS’ 97.1 last February 14, 2007.

On board on its launch are veteran jocks John Hendrix, Jimmy Jam, and Joe Spinner. First song to be played is Daliri by Kwjan and with Sting’s Brand New Day as the official launch song.

Formerly occupying Campus FM’s radio slot is 99.5 Hit FM which officially signed off last March 19 this year.

With its grand comeback, there are still questions hanging along with the curiosity on its listeners mind. Who will be the DJs to be included on its lineup of programs? What are those programs? Will old Campus Radio programs be included on the lineup? Who will be the traffic anchor/s? What about some of Hit FM’s programs especially the sensational ‘The Brewrats’.

Welcome back Campus Radio! Bye Hit FM, hello Campus FM! It’s been a while.


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