Monday, March 31, 2008

My first assignment

It's been awhile since I've written anything that's been published.
Not in a book, nothing that big. Just magazine stuff.
Back in the 80's, I wrote for this small student-based newspaper
Estudyante, where I worked with my old chums like graphic artist Angelo Santos
and writer turned TV correspondent (now reknown indie film director) Jim Libiran.
Writing music articles and record reviews was my thing. I even did a very upclose, eye-opening and revealing interview piece on Jerks vocalist Chickoy Pura back then. If I find it, I'll repost it here. That is, if.. I find it.
But back to the here and now.

Since mentioning interview pieces, that brings me straight into my first assignment.
I recently snagged a writing gig with Burn Magazine, thanks to an old friend,
Philippine Daily Inquirer's Music Editor (and High School batchmate) Poch Concepcion.
And those old articles I wrote for Pinoy songhits magazine sort of paid off.
Anyway, my first assignment is an interview piece for the local band Paramita.
They've got a launch sked for the 4th of April.
Yours truly's gonna be there.
Will try to take some pics.
Wish me luck.


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