Saturday, April 05, 2008


A hilarious post from someone at
re-posted here for your reading pleasure. Grammatical errors notwithstanding, the views are pretty spot-on.

I hate GMA

no… not our dear president but GMA Network… that crappy jologs station… no offense to the kapuso’s out there… but seriously… that station is a whole lot of crap… they cheat with the ratings… and who cares you’re no. 1??? your a crap-on-tube!!!

remember the damn good Campus Radio… after being no. 1, they just tranformed into a stupid station called Baranggay LS… oh seriously? i was shocked when i tuned in campus and heard misteri girl… oh??? right… but i felt that they (the jocks) are not happy on what they are doing… and then last 2 weeks, i think, i read on a blog that campus radio is back as campus fm….. i thought if the former campus jocks will be on the new campus…. but i think, no… i just read awhile ago that gas-hole Mike Enriquez fired them and brought in new crews… o my lord!!!!! that is an evil work…. i read also that it was secretly planned and one day he just said that they are fired…. and what turned out? an even CRAPPIER Baranggay LS… the result? it went down from no.4 to no.6….. shame on you GMA, you rating-thirsty crap-on-tube…. well at least they have jobs now as the airjocks of 99.5 campus fm…


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