Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Betrayed all over again

It's a bitch to be Betrayed.
By a friend.. a lover.. by the government.
Except us, maybe.
Betrayed once again built up a wall of sound, shaking the foundations of Ten 02 Bar in the Scout-scout area, QC.
It was Goo's reunion, ably backed by a hard-groovin' Badburn, Piledriver, young guns SDK and Betrayed.
SDK tore up the air with newblood-energized fervor only a band of 17 year olds could muster at ease.

Until the Godfathers took over the stage. We hit the stage, set up with replacement bassist Mark imported from The Beauty Of Doubt (thanks uli Mark!), who stood in for our
recuperationg four-stringer Dennis Maniego, who underwent a double triple-bypass (that's SIX, not three!) less than a week before the gig, then literally blew up.
We yanked out "Punk Reigns" and
"Fluffer" in swifttime, just the way
we like it, with a renewed energy pent-up
over a couple of weeks.
It felt great to get loose and punk out.
I'm just glad I remembered to stretch before the set.

Out came "Urban Assault" and
"Never Meant To Be This Way."
We were so giddy that night,
everything was Ramone-ishly double speed.
No complaints.
From the crowd,
nor from us.
We let loose with "New Rose," then
"Never Again" in quick succession.
We even unveiled a new song "The Answer Is You"
from the upcoming, long-awaited, almost finished album.

We wrapped it up with "Betrayed By You."
Short n' sweet.
Can't wait for the next gig.


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