Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bubblegum Music? Not!

Stuck in 1979, a great year for a diverse cross section of musical genres.
With the (then) eclectic reggae-ish punk of The Police and Joe Jackson, competing with the mainstream din of The Knack and a by-now bloated and hyperventilating Disco scene, Rock held strong, still rearing its ugly, greasy-haired head with Teutonic musings from The Scorpions. Judging by the Hipgnosis-helmed album cover, Lovedrive says it all.
Finally making a name for themselves in the European Theater of Metal operation, Klaus Meine, Rudolph Schenker and co. (with muscular help from brother Michael Schenker on three tracks) stormed the end of the 70's with a melodic maelstrom that would become "Slow Rock" classics (read: "Always Somewhere").
[this post heartily dedicated to Par "Babolgam" Satellite"]


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