Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Album Of The Day: MARK-ALMOND - RISING


Jon Mark and Johnny Almond.
Not rock, and not quite jazz.
Something in between; with the best of both worlds.
Think Steely Dan, minus the stinging urban paranoia and rueful sexual frustration.
Thoughtful and melancholic, Mark-Almond bridged the gaps between folk, jazz and rock in a unique style seldom heard in the here and now, utilizing Almond's sultry flute, at times the bass flute, and silk saxophone style, evident in the idyllic simplicity of "I'll Be Leaving Soon," as opposed to the perniciously jadedness of "What Am I Living For?" displaying the duo's penchant for the less pastoral musing.

Aside for the former being a personal favorite, it holds a special place amongst my most cherished radio anecdotes.
A really good friend of mine, who moved away to the States in the early 90's, found his way home for a few weeks sometime in '98 (or thereabouts). On the day he was sked to leave back for L.A., I was on a mid-Saturday morning shift on-air, when he texts me that he and his entire family are on their way to the airport, and if I could play him a song.
What better choice, than our fave, "I'll Be Leaving Soon,"
which I played for him, with the regulation bon voyage greet.
Before the song could end, he calls me on my mobile, and says..

sobbing "T*** *** mo, lahat kami dito sa kotse,"
stifling his tears "umiiyak dahil sa kanta mo, hayup ka.."
Smiling, I didn't know whether to laugh.. or cry.

The power of the music of Mark-Almond.

(for my good buddy, Angelo..)


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