Thursday, April 01, 2010

Analog bomp in a Digital world

While every Tom, Dick and Mike Score was falling all over each other
working a second, third and fourth job, so they could afford those synthesizers
and drum machines in the early skinny-tie peroxide-powered days of the 80's,
some people actually made music in more conventional manners, still.
American singer Deborah Berg and Brit pianist Julian Marshall, met by chance
in San Diego, then moved to England to record. The resulting debut of Eye To Eye
was equal parts witty and catchy. Fueled by the Top 40-cracking debut single
"Nice Girls," Berg and Marshall's interestingly off-tangent efforts, backed no less by
stellar studio musicians (that's the late, great Jeff Porcaro's tasty drum fills on "Girls") filled the void of "real" musical chops that weren't powered by a microchip.


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