Thursday, April 01, 2010


Former Folk Rock bumpkin, turned Pop balladeer Linda Ronstadt
transmogrified into an entirely different animal at the turn of the
80's with Mad Love.
Mad indeed. The classic bandwagon syndrome, with benefits.
Li'l Linda went from crooning languid C&W ballads that made
rednecks blush, to belting (three! Count 'em.. three) Elvis Costello
covers. A chopsuey hodge podge of genres, Mad Love stayed in step with
the times, and gave Ronstadt a firm toehold on a new decade, bent on
this (then)"new" sound. Strains of her clenched teeth and seldomly
heard growl on "How Do I Make You" forever ring in these ears, from the
only gal who contended head-to-head with my ultimate HS crush, Debbie
Harry (but that's another story).. bandwagonesque schlock Pop then, now
a certifiable classic.


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