Thursday, April 01, 2010

Will the "REAL" Lady Gaga please stand up!?

1982.. amidst the sqalor of MTV, in a dizzying myriad of skinny-tie bands, peroxide-powered Pop, glam-flavored Metal came a band out of L.A. that squeaked by all the competition. Husband-and-wife team Terry and Dale Bozzio (the former, Frank Zappa's former drummer and his ex-Playboy Bunny S.O.) and Missing Persons skeetered along the thin line between quirky synth pop and muscular guitar-driven rock, melding in a manner befitting the 80's excess credo. Not only was it the aural experience, but visceral as well, replete with tin foil-lined plastic bubble bras, garish pink teased hair and heavy eye makeup, MP were definitely the "Noticeable Ones" who were "Walking In L.A." and straight to the bank, well.. with a nominally-sized check.
The hits ("Words," the lilting "Destination Unknown" and the abovementioned) did not last; they never did. It's as if we lost Missing Persons, before we they could really be found.


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