Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Name Of The Band Is Blondie!

"The name of the band is Blondie!" was a shirt singer Debbie Harry used to wear onstage, decrying lusty male catcalls, and rightfully so. Admittedly my ultimate HS crush, Blondie (the band) broke in '79 with quirky catchiness, and burning up whatever "punk" cred they had, crossing over to the dreaded mainstream (read as Disco), on the shards of one "Heart Of Glass," yet traipsing the thin line between the past and their newfound present with the Clem Burke jet engine powered "Hanging On The Telephone" and the sneer and snarl of "One Way Or Another." All this and "Sunday Girl," too!
Though written off as (the typical) "sellout" that furthered turn of the century genre-blurring, Parallel Lines still radiates, long after the peroxide has faded away.


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